Elastic MACS lift

As we age we loose elastin and collagen in the skin causing loss of volume and sagging. Natural suspensory ligaments become lax leading to gravitational drooping of the face. This leads to deep naso-labial grooves, jowls and marionette wrinkles along with a saggy neck, loss of jaw definition and cervico-mandibular angle. These are common concerns for many patients who are showing signs of aging.

If the sagging is vertical with excess skin at the temple region then the solution may be the Elastic MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) lift.
The MACS lift may also be a solution for patients who have facial asymmetry from previous surgery or trauma.

The minimally invasive approach– minimal downtime, maximal results

At Restoration Medicine we perform minimally invasive surgery combining minimal trauma with maximal results. We use a specialized Elasticum suture which lifts the tissues and restores the natural youthful contours of the face without the need for major surgery and leaving a barely visible scar hidden in the hairline.  For more information Click Here


The Procedure: what to expect

During your consultation, your doctor will firstly mark up the face while you are standing up to assess the degree of lift required.

There are three sutures to lift the mid and lower face each side and one to lift the neck.

Once the vector lines are marked you will receive a twilight sedation and local anesthesia so you feel relaxed and pain free throughout.

Some hair is shaved from the side burn and the incision is made inside the hairline around the front of the ear to the tragus. The tissues are separated and freed up so that the two-tipped needle with elasticum suture can be anchored to tough fascia before it is directed along is vector. At the end of the vector line the two-tipped needle is redirected back to the anchor point having gripped a hold on the deep tissue. This is repeated for the remaining sutures of the face and the neck. Once the sutures are in position they are adjusted to form symmetry and then tied under appropriate tension. The excess skin at the temple is carefully measured and trimmed. The wound is closed in layers with very fine stitches in the skin to minimize any scarring.

Over time the special elasticum sutures will transform into natural suspensory ligaments in the SMAS layer of the face making the results permanent. The downtime for this procedure is usually one week and you will be asked to wear a special supportive neck sling intermittently for a while so as to minimize any shifting of the tissues as the sutures are accepted by the body.



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