Natural Regenerative Face Lift

As we age not only do we loose volume from the fatty cushions of our face, we stop producing elastin and collagen causing loss of skin turgor and ‘shrinkage’ like a deflated balloon. Classically we start showing hollowing or flattening in areas which were once full or curved and we loose the natural youthful contours we once had.

The solution to shrinkage: volume (blowing back up the balloon)

ADSC Grafting: How it works

By taking fatty tissue from the thigh or abdomen and injecting it into the areas of the face which have lost volume we can restore the youthful contours of the face and defy this sign of aging.

Along with the fatty tissue come stem cells. These get to work on the skin stimulating the production of elastin and collagen and continue to work for years after the original procedure.

Adipocyte Derived Stem Cell (ADSC) grafting has a two fold effect:
1. Replenishing volume and restoring youthful contours
2. Improving skin turgor and quality

Years ago ‘fat transfer’ was associated with high failure rates because not enough was known about how to handle the delicate tissue and stem cells. These days after years of research, techniques have been developed and refined so that ADSC grating is now the gold standard for people who have lost significant volume and who are showing these signs of aging. It represents the future of volume restoration in cosmetics.


The Procedure: what to expect

During your consultation, your doctor will firstly mark up the face while you are standing to assess the areas required for volume restoration and estimate how much in total will be required to achieve symmetry and balance to the face.

Once the face is marked and the procedure planned you will receive a twilight sedation and local anesthesia so you feel relaxed and pain free throughout.

Adipose tissue (fat) is carefully harvested from the thigh or abdomen using micro-liposuction. This fatty tissue is handled very carefully and is washed several times to clean it of any blood cells before it is transferred to syringes ready for injecting. This careful handling ensures the fat cells and stem cells stay alive and viable before they find their new home restoring contours of the face.

After the procedure you are asked to rest for a few days. You may experience some minor swelling and bruising however this usually settles within a week. We normally advise downtime will be 2-3 days however this will vary from patient to patient depending on the amount of tissue grafted and your metabolism.


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