Everything you need to know about Collagen Stimulating Injections

If you are wanting to alter your appearance in an obvious and noticeable way, the Restoration Medicine clinic is not for you.


collagen stimulating filler areas of use and purposes diagram
collagen stimulating filler areas of use and purposes diagram

Discreetly located in Paddington, Sydney, Restoration Medicine is about restorative medicine, not cosmetic surgery. This clinic’s aim is to refresh your appearance, revealing what you may have looked like ten years ago, not a taut version of your current self.

This practice’s mantra is “Restoration rather than Alteration”; the goals they have established, and constantly re-evaluate, are to maintain their global search for new methods and techniques, the ongoing education of patients and professional staff in new developments and techniques, and the generation of evidence-based research.

Women, and increasing numbers of men, are making intelligent, informed decisions when it comes to procedures designed to enhance their appearance. The scope of information on the range of procedures generally available is vast. Not all of it is qualified, and some of it can be both confronting and confusing; it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

What differentiates Restoration Medicine is the level of expectation it applies to its own standards of excellence, going above and beyond current standards of practice, and setting new benchmarks of excellence within the cosmetic industry.

Treatments at Restoration Medicine’s clinic are medical, not cosmetic. Their speciality is Cosmetic Medicine which is restorative, minimally invasive and natural.

Integrity is integral to this practice’s operation, leading the way with new standards of safety, ethics and patient care. Restoration Medicine demands full transparency, with the publication of its results, regular blog posts highlighting interesting developments within the industry, as well as the use of patient feedback to constructively improve all aspects of a patient’s clinic experience.

The medical team at Restoration Medicine are not only inventive with a clever and original approach, they have more than 40 years of clinical experience in this medical specialty.

Dr Robert Gilmour and Dr Richard Bromilow offer their patients the very latest procedures and solutions, constantly studying and developing established and new techniques using educational resources, including the University of Sydney. They actively encourage and foster a forum of collegiate discussion and cooperation among their peers, building bridges of intellectual and professional collaboration.

Innovation at Restoration Medicine has a global perspective with the introduction of new methods, techniques and procedures from around the world, including the US, Europe and Asia. The practice actively maintains its commitment to keeping up with the latest advancements and discoveries with Drs Gilmour and Bromilow regularly attending conferences of world leaders in cosmetic surgery.

This practice’s mission is to be brave, to be the best, to excel in its field, and yet to be different and stand apart from the cosmetic industry. Restoration Medicine’s aim is to offer its patients an outstanding and unique experience of personalised, professional care with exclusive access to new and proven European technologies and treatments.

So how is Restoration Medicine different?

While many practices only offer simple injecting routines, Restoration Medicine offers its patients innovative procedures no one else can, with an exclusive and comprehensive range of proven European Dermatology Treatments. It’s part of the global perspective of this specialist practice to offer the very latest and minimally invasive techniques, with the emphasis firmly on achieving the best solutions for its patients’ needs.

Patients are enveloped by a complete package of care, professionalism, skill and qualification of both the surgical and nursing care staff.

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