Everything you need to know about Collagen Stimulating Injections

We interview the patient and Doctor to answer all your questions

Most people notice lines and wrinkles as they age – but there are other changes that aren’t as easily noticeable or definable by an untrained eye that contribute to the aging process.

Dr. Gilmour says “Think of the face like a balloon – and as we age, the balloon starts to deflate. This just means that once plump and youthful contours start to lessen and drop, causing more hollowing in the temples, cheeks and around the mouth/jawline. Loss of volume in the face is completely normal, and is caused by collagen depletion, which starts to decline around the age of 30.”

“Simply smoothing out lines and wrinkles without replenishing some of that volume will not lead to an optimally refreshed appearance. Many people look to fillers to solve the volume depletion, however Collagen Stimulators are a more holistic, natural, longer lasting and often most cost-effective option.”

So what are Collagen Stimulators?

Collagen Stimulators offered by Restoration Medicine come in two forms: Collagen Stimulating Injections and Tightening PDO Mono Threads. In this blog post, we will discuss Collagen Stimulating Injections. So let’s talk about what Collagen Stimulators actually do: Essentially, they activate collagen renewal, causing your face to regrow its own collagen and thus restoring youthful contours to the face and also treating the overall quality of the skin. Similar in effect to Dermal Fillers, but using your body’s own collagen instead.

What is actually being injected?

“Poly-L-Lactic Acid, which in time is absorbed by your body and stimulates collagen production.” – Dr.Robert Gilmour

What are the areas you wanted treated?


“Looking back at photos from 10 years ago – my temples had started hollowing, my cheeks had flattened and my face/chin was starting to look quite long. It sounded like Collagen Injections could fill some of these areas, bringing back some of that youthful plumpness. I’ve also always been concerned about the dark circles under my eyes, and maybe these were getting worse with age, being a mother and losing some of that volume in my cheeks directly under the eye too. Dr.Gilmour advised to have the Collagen Injectable treatment and then reassess how I felt about the dark circles as it may improve them without filler.” – Anika, 38

Why did you choose this treatment over dermal fillers?

“I liked the holistic approach – rather than just treating one area, it treated several – which would surely bring a more natural result. I also love the fact that it causes your body to regrow its own collagen, and that it lasts for years. Lastly, the comparable price for several areas as opposed to filler was much more cost affordable.” – Anika, 38

What does the treatment involve?

“Firstly, some local anaesthetic is injected into the areas of the face to be treated. I felt a small sting from these. Then, once the anaesthetic has taken effect (this is tested with an ice cube to the face to ascertain sensation), the Doctor injects the substance. For me there were three injection points on either side of the face. Around the temples, in the cheeks and in the jawline. These didn’t hurt at all, however I could feel some pressure.” – Anika, 38

Directly After

Can you see the results straight away?

“Yes! You can see what the effects of the treatment are straight after the treatment. However I knew that this would subside after a few days, and the full effect of the treatment would only show after 3 months. So I got excited, but then had to be patient.” – Anika, 38

How does your face feel after the treatment?

“A few hours after the treatment, when the anaesthetic started to wear off, my face felt a little sore. The Doctor advised me to apply an ice pack on the treated areas and massage the areas for 5 minutes, 5 times a day, for 5 days. 555 – Easy to remember! I had some minor bruising for a few days, but nothing that wasn’t hard to disguise with a little make-up.” – Anika, 38

It’s been 8 weeks since your treatment – how do you feel?

“Absolutely fantastic! I’ve been getting lots of comments on how good my skin looks, which is also in part due to consistency with my RM skincare routine (A, C and no UV). I definitely feel less ‘long’ in the face and my cheeks are more rounded and plump. I can’t wait to see how it looks in another 4 weeks, and then in 4 months!”. – Anika, 38

8 Weeks After Treatment

Doctor notes:

Dr.Gilmour recommended Anika start with one vial of Collagen Stimulating Injections, and then to assess whether another one was needed at the 3 month mark. Most patients will need two vials to start, with top-ups needed every couple of years. “Although the treatment lasts for over two years, the ageing process doesn’t stop – so you need some maintenance.” – Dr.Gilmour.

“At this point in her journey, I think Anika will likely benefit from another vial at the 12 week mark. Some girliness has returned to her contours and the quality of her skin is no doubt hugely improved.”

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