Morpheus8 combines microneedling with radiofrequency technology. It’s designed to rejuvenate and remodel the skin, reaching deeper layers and stimulating collagen production for a tighter, more youthful appearance.


Facetite Sydney Non surgical face lift alternative

What is FaceTite used to treat?

FaceTite is designed to tighten skin on the face and neck, as a minimally invasive non surgical face lift alternative to a traditional face lift procedure. It addresses sagging skin, jowls, and other signs of aging.

How does FaceTite work?

FaceTite uses RFAL technology to target deep layers of the skin, promoting collagen production and skin contraction without the need for large incisions. It can also help to reduce unwanted jowl and submental fat.

What areas can be treated with FaceTite?

Key areas include the lower face, jowls, and neck, or any areas with saggy or loose skin on the face and neck.

What results can I expect with FaceTite?

A more defined jawline, reduced jowls, and tighter, rejuvenated skin on the face and neck.

What can I expect during my FaceTite treatment? Is it painful?

Generally, both local anesthesia and intravenous sedation are utilised, making the patients experience only mild discomfort, often described as a warm sensation.

What are the advantages of FaceTite compared to a traditional surgical facelift?

As a non surgical face lift alternative FaceTite requires no large incisions, offers a quicker recovery, reduces the risk of scarring, and provides a natural-looking result without the “pulled” appearance that surgery can sometimes produce. FaceTite is also performed under light sedation – no need for a general anesthetic.

How long does a FaceTite treatment take?

Typically, a Face Tite treatment takes about 1-1.5 hours, but it could be longer if multiple areas of the face and neck are treated in one session.

What is the downtime after a FaceTite session?

You can expect minimal downtime after a Face-Tite session. You may experience some bruising, redness and swelling, but these side effects are temporary and resolve quickly. Most patients can resume their regular activities post-procedure within a day or 2. Wearing a compression garment is required for best results. For neck – 3-4 full days and 1-2 weeks night only. For face treatment, garments are at our physician’s discretion. Numbness or tingling and tenderness to touch may be present in the treated areas and gradually regained after 4-16 weeks or occasionally longer.

How many FaceTite treatments will I need?

Most individuals require just one treatment for significant results.

How long after a FaceTite session will I see results?

Some tightening is seen immediately, but the full effect builds over 3-6 months as collagen production increases and continues to improve for up to 12 months.

How long do the results last from FaceTite treatments?

Results from FaceTite can last several years, with the aging process continuing naturally. Like other Inmode treatments, this can vary with dietary, skincare, and lifestyle choices.

What is the cost of a FaceTite treatment?

A FaceTite treatment would cost, on average, in the range of $3300 and $5500 . However, as treatments are tailored, costs will vary depending on the areas treated and the patient’s goals. Please arrange a consultation with our team for specific pricing. 

Why choose Restoration Medicine for Inmode Treatments?

Doctor Led

Led by our experienced and renowned Medical Director, Dr. Phoebe Jones, Restoration Medicine ensures each treatment is conducted under stringent medical standards, promising patient safety and satisfaction.


Our clinic boasts a seasoned team with rich hands-on experience, adept at tailoring treatments to individual requirements and aspirations.

Added Aftercare

We champion comprehensive care, extending well beyond the treatment day. We offer value-added aftercare at zero extra charge, including complimentary uses of the Heal Lite for the treated region for two weeks post-treatment.

Medical clinicians all trained by Inmode

Our dedicated team of doctors, nurses and medical clinicians undergo rigorous and direct training from InMode, ensuring they are always updated with the latest methodologies and technologies.

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