Fat Dissolving RF

Fat Dissolving RF

Non-invasive Fat Reduction Treatments

Are you interested in obtaining a more sculpted and contoured appearance without undergoing invasive surgery? Our clinic specialises in state-of-the-art non-invasive fat reduction treatments that can help you achieve your desired look.


What is Fat Dissolving Radio Frequency Treatment (RF)?

Often referred to as Fat Dissolving RF, Fat Dissolving Radio Frequency Treatment is a revolutionary non-surgical procedure designed to reduce unwanted pockets of fat. By utilising radio frequency energy, the fat cells are heated and broken down, which leads to their natural elimination from the body. It's safe and effective for treating stubborn fat under the chin and around the jowls.


ChinFat Reduction and Jowl Fat Reduction 

Reducing a double chin and sagging jowls with our advanced fat reduction treatments may be a reality. These areas can be particularly challenging to address using traditional methods. State-of-the-art Italian electrosurgical technology literally "melts" fat instantly. Through a minimally invasive procedure, a small wire electrode, even finer than a needle, is delicately inserted into targeted areas of facial fat. The result? Instant reduction in jowls and double chin fat, aiming to leave you with a more defined and youthful facial profile. As a bonus, these results are usually achievable with minimal discomfort and downtime. 

Italian Electrosurgical Technology – Melt Away Fat Instantly

Our clinic is proud to introduce Italian electrosurgical technology that sets new standards in non-invasive fat reduction. Restoration Medicine is the exclusive Australian distributor for this groundbreaking TIMED Machine Technology, developed by Korpo SRL. Korpo SRL, based in Genoa Italy, is a global leading company in the field of aesthetic and cosmetic medical devices and techniques. Our Medical Director, Dr Phoebe Jones, regularly attends workshops in Genoa Italy, where she is trained and educated in the latest fat reduction treatment techniques.


Fat Dissolving Injections with Deoxycholic Acid

The use of fat-dissolving injections is another effective non-invasive fat reduction tool. Our practitioners use deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring compound in our bodies, to target specific fat deposits. The injections break down fat cells, which are then metabolised and eliminated naturally. This procedure is particularly effective when it comes to stubborn fat in areas like the chin.

You can boost your confidence and improve your appearance with advanced non-invasive fat reduction treatments at Restoration Medicine Paddington. Get in touch with us today to learn how our innovative techniques can help you achieve the look you desire.

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