Lower Eyelid Surgery

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Do friends constantly ask you if you’re tired or aren’t sleeping well? There are very few things more aging than heavy eye bags making you look tired and worn out.

As we age our skin looses elastin and collagen causing it to loose elasticity and volume. The skin around the eyes can start to sag and droop causing us to look old, tired and even sad when we feel the opposite.

The loss of skin turgor and weight of the excess tissue can pull the lower lid down causing the white of the eye to be visible below the iris. This is extremely aging but can also cause problems with dry eyes and redness.

Puffy eye bags are often caused by a structural problem due to the aging process and may be due to herniated fat. By removing some of this excess tissue from the lower lids and repositioning some of the natural padding, patients may not only look more youthful, well rested and approachable, they may also avoid complications associated with dry eyes.

The Procedure: what to expect

During your consultation, your doctor will evaluate the lower eyelids and assess the amount of excess tissue to be removed or repositioned. This tailored approach takes into consideration the anatomy of each individual patient in order to achieve a rejuvenated appearance and avoid complications.

Once the procedure is planned you will receive a twilight sedation and local anesthesia so you feel relaxed and pain free throughout.

The incision is usually made transconjunctivally allowing easy access to the relevant fat pads and eliminating any visible scarring. The fat pads are partially mobilized and repositioned so as to achieve a smooth lid-cheek transition eliminating the puffy eye bags and avoiding loss of volume or hollowing around the eye.

Downtime varies from patient to patient but we recommend resting up for two days afterwards following the post procedure advice to minimize bruising after which many patients resume normal activities.

We always keep in touch after your procedure to see how you are getting on and to address any concerns you may have.

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