Elastic Neck Lift

Elastic Neck Lift

Gravitational drooping or sagging of the neck is a distinct sign of ageing and is an area of great concern for many patients. This drooping of tissue gives the appearance of a saggy floppy neck and causes loss of jaw definition with widening of the cervico-mandibular angle.

The Elasticum suture effectively suspends this tissue, restoring the cervico-mandibular angle and tightening the slack submental platysma, eliminating loose skin and adding youthful jaw definition. When the neck recedes into the background, the outline of the face is enhanced which is very important from both the front and the side profile.

The minimally invasive approach

At Restoration Medicine we perform minimally invasive surgery combining minimal trauma with maximal results. We use a specialized Elasticum Suture which lifts the tissues and restores the natural youthful contours of the neck without the need for major surgery and leaving no visible scar.

The Elasticum Suture can be used to lift the neck leading to restoration of the cervico-mandibular angle, a more defined jaw line and a much more youthful yet natural appearance.

The Procedure: what to expect

During your consultation, your doctor will evaluate the neck and assess the volume of tissue to be suspended with the Elasticum Suture. They will advise on whether or not this volume requires reduction with either Adipolysis or Liposuction prior to inserting the Elasticum Suture. The neck is then marked with the route the Elasticum Sutures need to travel (vectors).

Once the vector lines are marked you will receive a twilight sedation and local anaesthesia so you feel relaxed throughout.

A tiny incision is made behind the ear lobe and insertion of the two-tipped needle and Elasticum suture anchoring it to tough fascia before it is passed along the pre-marked line around the neck to the other side where it is anchored again to fibrous fascia and placed under tension thereby suspending the tissues of the neck, tightening the cervico-mandibular angle and enhancing the jaw line. The suture is then passed back along a parallel route and emerges through the original insertion point where it is tied under appropriate tension.Over time it will transform into a natural suspensory ligament of the neck making the lift permanent.

The whole procedure will take roughly 1.5 hours and the downtime is minimal.

As mentioned previously this procedure is often combined with debulking the volume of tissue in the neck with Liposuction or Adipolysis depending on the anatomy of each individual patient.

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