Meet the Team

Dr. Robert Gilmour


Dr. Gilmour has over 30 years’ experience in clinical medicine. His background includes teaching at both Monash University (Melbourne) and as an Associate Professor at Stanford University (Palo Alto). He has had the benefit of working with some of Australia’s leading Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons as well as leading Cosmetic Physicians both in Australia and California.

Dr Gilmour is an habitual innovator with a proven track record in international markets with respect to both medical technology and clinical practice protocols. He has a deep understanding of the ageing process both physiologically and anatomically, and of all the available treatment options. He also has considerable experience in materials science therefore understanding the benefits of the evolving technology toolbox available to clinicians in restorative Cosmetic medicine and Surgery.

Dr Gilmour has considerable experience in the development of innovative clinical procedures and the implementation of them in everyday clinical practice. He is currently applying that experience to the development of new minimally invasive procedures for restorative cosmetic medicine and is one of the founders of The Australian Society for Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr Gilmour is driven by the challenge of providing patient-specific solutions based on considered analysis and proven science, as well as the required visual perceptive ability. A treatment plan will always include options and information required for you to make an informed decision, keeping in mind budgetary and downtime constraints. His passion is in devising subtle “refreshment plans” for mature patients of both sexes utilizing all the best and latest technology for those who want to make their face match their attitude while keeping a natural and refreshed look. Dr Gilmour also loves to seamlessly disguise that inevitable transition from older-younger women to younger-middle aged women.


Dr. Phoebe Jones

Dr. Phoebe Jones

Dr. Phoebe Jones is a cosmetic physician with expertise in cosmetic injectables, laser and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. She prides herself on her conservative approach and believes in tasteful, age-appropriate results. Her core values include providing an excellent service, safe procedures and beautiful results.. She is passionate about the confidence and joy that facial beautification provides. 

Dr. Phoebe’s undergraduate study was in Forensic Biology at The University of Technology. She then went to study medicine, graduating from the University of Sydney in 2011. She interned at Prince of Wales Hospital and undertook her surgical residency there. She has over 10 years’ clinical experience with a focus in cosmetic medicine, with surgical training in Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. She assisted many of Sydney’s top surgeons, She undertook extensive post-graduate research at Macquarie University studying bacterial infection associated with breast implants in the cintext of capsular contracture and implant related breast cancer. Her work was pubished in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal (PRS) and has been widely read. She is a member of the Cosmetic Physician  College of Australasia (CPCA). Dr.Phoebe attends conferences and continued training all over the world.

Dr. Phoebe offers a wide range of treatments including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, biostimulators and laser therapies. She performs minimally invasive cosmetic procedures including upper lid blepharoplasty, fat-assisted stem cell and fat transfers, and thread lifting procedures. Through a combination of modalities she can perform scarless and minimally-invasive face and neck lifts. Her favourite work includes designing personalised plans to beautify the face and improve the profile.

Aisling Walsh

Aisling Walsh graduated with a Bachelor of Science Honours Nursing Degree in 2012 in Ireland. Following her arrival to Australia in 2013, she has gained extensive experience across a variety of surgical specialities including theatre, recovery and anaesthetics. Aisling still continues to facilitate and teach aspiring nursing students with one of Sydney’s leading Universities while also developing her own knowledge and skills in Aesthetic Medicine.

Aisling always had a thirst for knowledge in dermal science and cosmetic treatments. She first began her cosmetic training by the worldwide training centre of excellence Derma Medical in Aesthetic Medicine in 2018 and joined the team at Restoration Medicine in March 2020 shortly after obtaining her Australian Permanent Residency.

Since joining the team, Aisling has acquired a large clientele of regular patients due to her kind, empathetic nature and passion for enhancing the natural aesthetic of her patients by utilising her surgical knowledge experience and aesthetic skills and applying it to her practice.

Her passion is all around skincare as it is the foundation to any cosmetic enhancement and uses medical devices and treatments to create an individualised patient treatment plan to get results.

Aisling is dedicated to her profession as a Registered Nurse and continues to pursue both her personal and professional development in Aesthetic Medicine by attending conferences, development courses and learning from Dr. Robert Gilmour and his team at Restoration Medicine.

Kirsten Twine

Kirsten Twine is a registered nurse with over 10 years’ health care experience. After training at Sydney Adventist Hospital she worked in a number of health areas before specialising in cosmetic medicine under the guidance of a plastic surgeon. Over her years in the industry Kirsten has carved out an enviable reputation as a talented aesthetic practitioner with a flair for facial rejuvenation and aesthetic symmetry.

Kirsten’s passion lies with volume replenishment, feature enhancement, and liquid face lifts. Her comprehensive understanding of male and female facial anatomy allows her to “think outside the wrinkle” to treat the cause of aging concerns and prevent problems before they occur. Kirsten believes combination treatments are vital to achieve a well-rounded and natural result, thus her training in skin and injectable procedures is comprehensive including muscle relaxants, a vast array of temporary dermal fillers, semi-permanent fillers and PRP rejuvenation. Kirsten also believes that injectable rejuvenation treatments should not be exclusively for the face. “The face, Neck and Décolletage are all part of the one picture and should be viewed together when considering treatment options.” Kirsten believes that every person she sees is unique and so their treatment plan should also be unique. If you are looking for a subtle enhancement, a stunning feature or a complete facial or body overhaul you will feel comfortable and extremely confident with Kirsten’s design consult, plan and treatments.