A Doctor-led Face & Skin
Cosmetic Clinic in Paddington

We believe in rejuvenation, not augmentation.
We believe in subtlety, not drastic changes.
Enhance your natural beauty & confidence.

Why is Doctor-led so important? Higher levels of skill, training and certification means access to less invasive and more innovative treatments and technologies. Combined with Dr. Robert Gilmour’s extensive global experience and deep understanding of the facial anatomy and ageing process, you will be armed with the information and comfort to make the right choice for you.

Our discerning clients come to us for the most efficacious, evidence-based, minimally-invasive techniques and technologies that produce natural, long lasting results.

We look at the whole face – not just individual features – and provide advice on options to suit your budget and downtime constraints.

Our discreet Paddington clinic is a blissful oasis in which to rejuvenate yourself. You will look refreshed and youthful – not like you’ve had work done.