Restoration Medicine Is
We are a European-inspired globally connected cosmetic practice based in Paddington, Sydney.

At Restoration Medicine we don’t want to change who you are, we aim to help you to feel more confident and to look the way you feel inside. We believe in rejuvenation, not augmentation, in subtlety and not drastic changes. With our global connections we introduce tried and tested European techniques in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and holistic cosmetic medicine to Australia thereby providing the most important person (you) with the very best in the cosmetic industry. “We stand for safety, integrity, innovation and excellence”
meet the team

A good way to appreciate the results of our minimally invasive procedures and holistic cosmetic treatments is to look through our before and after case photographs. Each patient has given special consent to display these images, some pictures have eyes concealed to protect the patients identity. We don’t display images unless express permission has been given.